Our Ministries

Mobile Mission – Brings compassionate assistance into struggling neighborhoods, distributing donated clothing and personal care items.

Rise Again Raceway Ministry – Rise Again provides a family-friendly venue at NASCAR races. Rise Again Raceway Ministry sets up in the camping area, assists fans at the gates, drives courtesy golf cart shuttles, holds a pinewood derby for children, and holds a Sunday church service. Rise Again Raceway Ministry continues the great works started by New England Raceway Ministry, which merged into Rise Again Outreach in 2012.

Rise Again Outreach Healing Ministries

Celebrate Recovery: Is designed to help those struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and habits, including drug abuse, alcoholism, co-dependency, anger, divorce, gambling, overeating, sexual addiction, and more, by helping participants experience true freedom through the power of Jesus Christ. We encourage fellowship and celebrate God’s healing power in our lives using eight Biblical, life-recovery principles and Christ-centered 12 Steps. In short, it’s a place to find healing.

For Men Only: Sexual addiction is devastating no matter how you look at it. It is overwhelming to cope with the grief, shame, and guilt that result from your own addiction. Our Pure Desire For Men Only (FMO) groups provide hope and healing to break free from sexual addiction. FMO groups are the answer to the desperate cry for help from men who have tried to build sexual holiness into their lives and have failed.

For Women Only: Our Pure Desire For Women Only (FWO) groups are for those who have been hurt by the sexual addiction of a loved one, typically their spouse or ex-spouse. It is grueling to live with the anger and shame that emerge from the betrayal of your spouse’s addiction. Women have been left feeling betrayed, hopeless, and alone. FWO groups minister to women in crisis to provide them with valuable tools, biblical wisdom, and the courage to find hope, help, and encouragement for their journey of personal healing.

Prison Ministry: The prison ministry of Rise Again Outreach brings the Gospel of Salvation, Hope, Healing, and Restoration to prisoners and ex-prisoners in central New Hampshire. We serve men and women devastated by their addictive and criminal behaviors through evangelism, faith-based relapse prevention and restoration groups, pastoral counseling, and prayer ministry. We partner with the NH Reentry Taskforce to help provide continuity through the process of re-integration into society and the Christian community. Upon release, we also provide follow-up support through faith-based relapse prevention groups and referral to appropriate aftercare ministries, churches, and agencies.

Celebrate Recovery Inside: As part of our Prison Ministry, CRI helps men at the NH State Prison and women at the NH Correctional Facility for Women overcome their addictions and other destructive behaviors through the power of Jesus Christ.

Celebrate Recover: Life’s Healing Choices: As part of our Prison Ministry, CR: Life’s Healing Choices ministers to men and women who are transitioning out of the prison system. These groups meet at the North End House (men) and Shea Farm (women) and continue the healing process that was begun in Celebrate Recovery Inside.

Genesis Process: Our Genesis Process groups, as part of our In-prison and Prison Aftercare ministries, as well as our For Men Only groups, provide both a biblical and neurochemical understanding of what causes us to be self-destructive and to create an effective roadmap to change.

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